Calgary Northwinds SDA Church

Living, Loving + Being a Light

About us


 A family in Christ dedicated to:

  • Developing healing relationships of encouragement and hope

  • Acceptance of differences, valuing each person as a child of God

  • Fostering ministries of hospitality to introduce people to Christ and His family

  • Bringing praises and joy to others through singing and sharing God's love

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Our beliefs and values

Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. 


The Bible is the word of God, showing us how to live. It reveals God’s will and teaches us timeless lessons we can apply to all parts of our lives. 

This book tells us who God is, where we came from, how much God loves us, and how we can live out His love in our own lives. That alone makes it the most precious book on earth—a steady constant in a world that is always changing.

Perhaps that’s why the Bible remains the most-read book in the world. 


Genesis tells us the story of the 6-day creation week, followed by the first Sabbath. God’s relational love is introduced right away as he creates a perfect world, then personally forms the first two human beings to populate this planet. 

Seventh-day Adventists hold to this creation account in Genesis and the idea of intelligent, loving design. The attention, foresight, and tender care God displays in this process inspires us to live grateful lives to honor our Creator.


In infinite love and mercy God made Christ, who knew no sin, to be sin for us so that in Him we might be made the righteousness of God. Led by the Holy Spirit we sense our need, acknowledge our sinfulness, repent of our transgressions, and exercise faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord, Substitute and Example.


The Sabbath was established at the end of the creation week—the seventh day—after God created the heavens, the earth, and the first humans. He “blessed the seventh day and made it holy” because He rested from all His work (Genesis 2:2-3, ESV).

We find the Sabbath referenced again in Exodus 20, when God writes the Ten Commandments. He asks us to remember this sacred day to keep it holy, ceasing from the work of the week and reflecting on what He has done for us


“The Second Coming” refers to the return of Jesus Christ as described in Revelation, Hebrews, the Gospels, and many other places.

The first time Jesus came to earth, He was only a baby. After His ministry on earth, crucifixion, and resurrection He returned to Heaven “to prepare a place” for His followers (John 14:3). He also promises His return (1 Corinthians 15:23), in which the first resurrection occurs, He brings His followers to heaven with Him, and sin and Satan will be destroyed forever.

The Second Coming is something to hope for. It is a literal event, a personal encounter, a visible experience, and a worldwide occasion. It’s the culmination of the plan of salvation!